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How to control stray cats, dogs and other animals?

Why control stray cats and dogs?

Stray cats and dogs are a very common occurrence in New Zealand. These cats or dogs are domestic animals that have returned to the wild. There are several reasons why these need to be controlled.

- They cause harm to the environment by preying on local and native species.

- Stray cats harm the local fauna.

- If not controlled, there numbers can quickly multiply.

- They are effective hunters to small animals including birds. 


What is the best method to control stray cats and dogs?

There are multiple effective methods to control stray cats and dogs.




A common approach is to trap stray cats and dogs. This is often used near residential areas.

Pros: Life animal cage provide a humane and environmentally-friendly way to trap stray cats. Local wildlife organisations such as SPCA can find the owner or a new home for these animals.

Cons: Life animal trapping is costly and time consuming. A new generation of SMS-enabled animal traps allows fast reponse time to trapped animals and reduces costs of animal trapping.


Cat Deterrents


- Chemical Repellents

- Physical Barriers

- Acoustic Ultrasonic Deterrents