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Bird Proofing

Useful tips for successful bird control and bird proofing

Why Bird Control?

Birds are known to cause a number of problems in homes, gardens as well as in industry and agriculture. Sometimes, the birds are simply a nuisance; e.g. when they wake you up early in the morning. However, bird nests and droppings often cause damage to property including homes, sheds, warehouses, cars, tractors and machinery etc. 

Birds can also pose a health and safety risk. A few years ago bird (or avian) flu was a hot topic in the media all over the world (see e.g. here for more information on bird flu). But did you know that pest birds can transmit over 30 diseases to humans?

In agriculture, pest birds are responsible for crop loss. The bird damage can easily translate to tens and hundreds of thousands dollars of lost revenue to farmers and growers.